Sustanon 250 usage

Description Sustanon 250

Sustanon-250 (also known as Sustanon, Sustaretard, Tetrasteron, Omnadren-250, “Omka”) – one of the strongest anabolic steroid. It is unique in composition. It was developed and released by “Organon” as an aid to those men who had underestimated the level of development of their own testosterona.Populyarnost received 1980-1990gg.O it in the papers and studied its unique svoystva.V the peak of its popularity helped drug not one hundred men. Will be on sale steroid quickly earned the trust of more and athletes, as it was found that it helps in the shortest possible time to increase muscle mass and strength athlete, without requiring frequent primeneniya.Kupit Soest you can in our store FarmSport intnerne at a low price. Especially like it pauerlifteram, bodybuilders, weightlifters. Currently, the most popular analogue is Omnadren-250. It is similar in composition and effects to Soest, it contains only instead of decanoate ester -kapronat that the duration of the action does not concede decanoate.


Sustanon-250 is a mixture of different in its action of testosterone esters:

Testosterone propionate 30mg-

60mg- Testosterone phenylpropionate

60mg- Testosterone izokaproat

Testosterone decanoate-100mg.

Also included in the peanut oil and benzyl alcohol.

Each mixture testosterone is unique and has its speed of action and excretion. After an injection of testosterone propionate its action comes on the same day, and testosterone phenylpropionate izokaproata and two days later, due to this, even after a single injection duration is maintained for up to four weeks. This is important.

The steroid profile:

-konversiruetsya to estrogens

-has high anabolic and androgenic Index – 100% / 100%

-15 Days duration

Pros Sustanon-250:

-Improves endurance

-in times and in the short term increases strength and muscle mass

– Improving appetite

-Improves libido

– Delay in the body is much less water in comparison with other drugs

-privodit in order nerves (For heavy training)

Cons Sustanon-250:

-At the time of the drug block the production of testosterone

The correct course of steroid Sust:

As mentioned above Sustanon-250 takes effect the next day after the reception. The course itself takes about six to eight weeks. Since the drug is an oil solution, then apply it intramuscularly, sticking deep in the buttock. Injection placed once a week (250-700mg) due to its long action. For beginners are not recommended for larger doses, but they may vary strontium increase, and it depends on your body weight, and on whether you have previously taken other drugs, and how long have you been. Also important is the fact that even in small doses, you can achieve excellent results, even if you have repeatedly used this steroid. Also, athletes have been noticed and that steroids increases endurance, especially heavy trenirovok.S them you can do the gain and at the end of the training will not be a wild sense of fatigue. Then, a week after the injection start taking aromatase inhibitors. The most common use of anastrozole (0.5 mg every other day). His finish to take two weeks after the end of the course. Then, three weeks after the end of the course, taking Tamoxifen (as aftertreatment terapii- it helps to establish the production of natural testosterone) three or four weeks.

Omnadren-250 (cust) so beloved by sportsmen well with other anabolics:

-Stanozol (For relief)

-Nandrolon (D / set weight)

-Vinstrol (Drying, relief)

-Androlik (Antiestrogen)

Side effects sust:

While receiving the drug may headache, irritability, aggressiveness (but your emotional background comes back to normal after discontinuation of Omnadren-250), small water retention in the body.